The VEKASLIDE 82 lift and slide door system is constructed on the basis of an energy-saving system of modern Softline 82 window profiles.

The profiles have a heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.4 W / m²K. By using a glazing unit with Ug = 0.4 W / m²k, you can achieve thermal insulation of the door even at 0.66 W / m²K. Very good energy efficiency of the system is not only due to multi-chamber profiles, but also a threshold with excellent thermal insulation properties, obtained m .in. thanks to the use of duothermal partitions and an integrated thermal insulating wedge made of “warm” graphite foam called neopor. The floor next to the door is not cold!


The closed profile with an external wall thickness of 3 mm (with a maximum deviation of only + – 0.2 mm) meets the requirements of PN-EN 12608, which are of the highest quality.

The VEKASLIDE 82 system is manufactured on the basis of Softline 82 profiles. There are 7 chambers in the frame, while in wing 6, both have a reinforcing chamber and steel profiles that stiffen the structure.

Folding the threshold with the sash has a dimension of 156 mm, while the frame with the sash give a total dimension of 169 mm.

The VEKASLIDE 82 system is adapted to the installation of triple glazing units.

The system of external seals ensures that the door is airtight, even under such loads as hurricane wind and heavy rain.

The fittings used in the VEKASLIDE 82 system allow the assembly of two-, three- and four-leaf terrace doors with a maximum width of up to 6.5 m and a height of up to 2.7 m. The sashes can be unopened and lifted and sliding, so they can be adapted to needs. the fittings have ball bearings and Teflon slides, thanks to which the opening and closing of the wings is easy and does not require physical effort.

The doors can use various types of insulated glass, including those with increased burglary resistance, profiles reinforced with steel sections as well as anti-burglary fittings and locking systems. The safety of everyday use is also ensured by a flat threshold flush with the floor.

Doors in the VEKASLIDE 82 system allow you to get a wide, almost unlimited view of the house surroundings, which is important in modern architecture, focusing on the integration of the house with the garden. The profiles are white as standard, but can be made in a different color from a wide range on request. Finishes imitating wood texture and aluminum covers, which can be powder coated in any color, are also available.

VEKASLIDE 82 terrace doors can be completed with external roller blinds, available in the VEKA offer. They protect the building against heat loss and noise, and provide additional protection against burglary.


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