Artline 82 MD NO

Artline 82 MD

Artline 82 MD profiles meet the strictest standards of passive construction.

The multi-chamber profile is equipped with a system of three gaskets, has an excellent heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.0 W / m²K. When it is covered with a building insulation layer, it reaches the standards required for windows in passive buildings.

In the Artline 82 MD profile, the outer walls are 3 mm thick (with a maximum deviation of only + – 0.2 mm), which means that according to PN-EN 12608, they can be classified as class A. This means that they meet the highest standards of heat protection , also well protect the interior against noise.

There are 6 chambers in the frame, and 5 in the wing. The reinforcements used in the Artline 82 MD profiles allow us to produce modern sashes with a large glazing area.

The uniqueness of the Artline 82 MD system lies in the fact that the sash profile is completely embedded in the frame profile, so from the outside only the frame profile with a height of 111 mm is visible – both in the version with fixed glazing and in the window with the sash.


The design of the profiles allows the use of different variants of triple glazing units, the thickness of which ranges from 34-60 mm. This allows you to adjust the thermal insulation parameters of the glass to the investor’s requirements and budget possibilities.

The standard version of the Artline 82 MD profile is equipped with three EPDM gaskets. Thanks to this, the frames and frames well protect against outside noise, drafts and cold.

All profiles available on the market, including anti-burglary fittings, can be used for Artline 82 MD profiles.

The Artline 82 MD profile has increased stiffness. It uses steel reinforcements – in the frame it is a closed reinforcement, in the frame – open, double-folded. The window is therefore stiffer, more durable and safer. Anti-theft fittings can be used, which make opening or breaking the window difficult.

Profiles from the Artline 82 MD series are only offered in white. Their shapes are slightly rounded, so they look modern and elegant. Made of high-quality PVC, they have a very smooth surface that is easy to clean. The door frame profiles from the outside can have aluminum covers, to choose from in RAL colors.

Artline 82 MD profiles can be installed together with window sills, window sill profiles and external roller blinds from the VEKA system. They are also perfectly matched to the design of the VEKA door system – entrance, sliding and tilt and slide.


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