Aluplast HST 85 mm NO

Aluplast HST 85 mm

The new Aluplast HST 85 mm lift and slide doors are unique on the market: they are available in three different variants, depending on the thermal insulation requirements: from the basic version, through the standard version, to the premium version that meets the highest requirements for passive houses.

Since the beginning of this year, a new HST 85 mm door system has been available, which on the one hand responds to expectations in the field of creating larger and larger window constructions, and on the other hand through structural changes and, above all, the possibility of using wider glazing units up to 51 mm wide, allows to achieve above average thermal insulation properties.

The most popular HST door diagrams are 2-quarters variants – with one or both movable wings – or 4-quarters – with two middle or all movable wings. The HST door solution enables the implementation of large-scale, glass façades – the maximum width of the HST door set is up to 6 meters, while the maximum allowable dimensions of the leaves are up to 3000 × 2500 mm.

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